Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toyota Hilux(Vigo) Vs Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger

Here's a quick comparison between the Toyota Hilux and the Mazda BT-50 and its twin the Ford Ranger.
The Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger are interesting utes. Both are based on the platform but differ in specifications. First impressions are good because it once you're in it didn't feel like a pickups. They initially don't feel like commercial vehicles apart form getting into the cabin.

The Mazda and Ford interiors look like they are from regular sedans made in the early 2000's. Mazda in particular feels like the old Mazda 323 before they changed the name to 3. There are not many buttons to play with but at least it felt nicer to be in than some of the utes we've previously tried. Reused parts like the air vents and controls from the regular passenger models are worthy inclusions. I did like Mazda's more conservative shape but the latest Ford Ranger enhancements would probably be my choice if I did get one.
Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger  
Toyota Hilux
The only things that count against it are the thin doors and smaller interior - or so it seemed. The engines are state of the art for 2010 and on paper produces as much if not more power and torque than the competing models.

The on-road drive is typical commercial vehicle with steering feel,  noise and refinement. If anything we thought the Ford drove and rode better than the Mazda. However the Hilux is still a better experience in the petrol version. In diesel from there really is not much difference.

As for its competitors stay tuned for some more comparisons over the next few months.  Our leader board reads like this:
1 - Triton
2 - BT-50 & Ford Ranger
3 - Navara
4 - Hilux

Note that you should always check with your local dealer for correct and up to date specifications and pricing.

 Toyota Hilux (4x4 Vigo 2010)

1GR-FE (modified)V6 Petrol
4 Litre (3956cc)
Claimed 175Kw @ 5200RPM
Claimed 376Nm @ 3800RPM (MANUAL)
Claimed 343Nm @ 3800RPM (AUTO)

1KD-FTV (modified)
IL4 DOHC Diesel
Turbo-charged - Intercooler
Direct Injection - Common Rail
3 Litre (2982cc)
Claimed 126Kw @ 3600RPM
Claimed 343Nm @ 1400-3400RPM

2TR-FE (modified)
IL4 Petrol
DOHC 16 valve with VVTi
2.7 Litre (2693cc)
Claimed 116Kw @ 5200RPM
Claimed 240Nm @ 3800RPM

1825 - 1905Kg
Towing capacity up to 2250kg

Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 76 litres
IL6 Petrol 13-13.3 lts per 100km
IL4 Diesel 8.2-9.3 lts per 100km

Other specifications
5 or 4 speed Auto
or 5 speed manual
Overall height/ width 1810/1835
Overall length/Wheelbase 5255/3085
Track (front/rear) 1540/1540
Tray L1520mm x W1515mm x D450mm
Total payload capability 1000kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 4/5

Angle of: (degrees)
Approach 30
Departure 23-26
Breakover N/A
Minimum ground clearance 292mm
Water Fording depth 700mm Max
Part-time 4x4

Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger

MZR-CD 3.0
IL4 Diesel
DOHC 16 Valve with EFI
Turbo-charged - Intercooler
Direct Injection - Common Rail
3.0 Litre (2953cc)
Claimed 115Kw @ 3200 RPM
Claimed 380Nm @ 1800 RPM

1885 - 1899Kg
Towing capacity up to 3000kg

Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 70 litres
IL4 Diesel 9.5-10.4 lts per 100km

Other specifications
5 speed Auto
or 5 speed manual
Overall height/width 1762/1807
Overall length/Wheelbase 5169/3000
Track (front/rear) 1475/1470
Tray L1530mm x W1456mm x D465mm
Total payload capability 938kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 3/5

Angle of: (degrees)
Approach 32
Departure 26
Breakover 28
Minimum ground clearance 207mm
Water Fording depth N/A Max
Part-time 4x4

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